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Rieker is a footwear and accessories retailer that manufactures shoes and bags for men and women to around 9,000 independent retailers, mainly in Europe. The head office is in Thayngen, Switzerland and the company employs approximately 20,000 people worldwide in sales, design, and production.

Rieker shoes are a waste of money and have poor quality, water leaks through stitching-holes and customer service is unprofessional, according to a customer review at reviews.io

"Rieker shoes leak in water through stitching-holes that attach the soles to the uppers. I mentioned the problem to the seller and she just smiled and said that I could buy silicone shoe covers at a specific socks-store! No admitting that Rieker products are bad quality and normally leaks through the soles. A lesson learned here. Irritating that the money is lost though."


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Office says

"Will make you feel intimidated, useless and won't traîne you. The contrôler has a very bad attitude with no respect of others."


"Many times, the work environment was stressful. Very rigid management."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Progression and promotion not possible due to small workforce and low staff turnover. Work can be repetitive with little variation."

Z Toth says

"Rieker boot bought in UK. Faux leather, plastic zipps. Felt apart in less than a year. No warranty in the uk!

Michelle Azar says

"My husband bought some shoes and within a couple of weeks the velcro popped off whenever he walked (one shoe only). He stopped wearing them and as he had lost the receipt we couldn’t return them. I asked Rieker if they would do an exchange but they refused saying I had to return to the shop. My explanation about no receipt fell on deaf ears even though the shop would be returning them to Rieker anyway.
Poor, over priced junk from a company who clearly care more about their profits rather than customer service and quality."

Maria says

"Simply terrible! If you are reading this review, take my advice - do not buy anything from Rieker.
Shoes are not only uncomfortable when worn for longer than 10 minutes (forget about going for a walk in them), they wear and tear much faster than shoes from other companies. I bought a pair of Rieker Antistress shoes 2 weeks ago, worn only once for 20 minutes (just a short walk to a store and back). Not only the shoes were super uncomfortable, they now look as if I had worn them for at least a month every day - soles chipped, leather wrinkled... It's a disaster. And what's worse - I bought them from a store in Russia. The amount of verbal abuse from the store assistant I had received when I tried to return the shoes is unbelievable. Never again I as much as look at Rieker shoes! Waste of my time and of course - money."

Dave Collins says

"Bought a pair of Rieker mens Derby, brown leather shoes. The upper has ripped from the sole after just 15-20 wears(very much like other peoples reviews). Really bad quality, wouldnt recommend these to anyone."

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